Token Metrics Alliance

Our Mission

To build the cypto investor ecosystem through collaborative investment research, investor networking, and investor education.

Investment Research

Investment Research

Collaborate on cryptocurrency investment research, analysis, and due diligence and gain visibility into new and promising blockchain projects around the world.

Picture: Pitch competition in Hyderabad, India, presenting the winner, Matic Network (2018)

Investor Networking

Network and collaborate globally with reputable cryptocurrency investors, exchanges, incubators, and service providers.

Picture: Dinner with Charlie Shrem and friends at BTC Miami conference. 

Investor Networking
Investor Education

Investor Education

Promote the blockchain investor ecosystem through informative reports, videos, podcasts, courses, and events.

Picture: Meetup with over 200 investors at a private event in Paris, France

Alliance Member Quotes

Here is what current alliance members have to say:

"The Alliance will significantly benefit everyone involved. Members will pledge to build the crypto investor ecosystem through collaborative investment research, investor networking, and investor education. This is needed to help rebuild crypto investor sentiment and take crypto investing mainstream." - Ian Balina, CEO of Token Metrics  

“We at Bistox are happy to join the Token Metrics Alliance and have such a strong partnership when it comes to listings due diligence. It's a win-win partnership for Bistox, Token Metrics, and our customers." - Arutyun Nazaryan, CEO of Bistox Exchange

""The cryptocurrency market is in its infancy. The technologies developing in this space can greatly change our world for the better if we demand it. We must demand it, and if we work together, not only can we reap the benefits of it, we can help others achieve this as well. We look forward to using the combined efforts of Token Metrics and Block Advisor to help the mainstream understand and join us in the future of economics." - Anthony Adams, Founder of Block Advisor  

" We are delighted to be a part of the Token Metrics Alliance and look forward to strengthen the crypto investor ecosystem, its an impactful initiative which will help taking crypto mainstream. " - MiH Ventures 

Want to team up with us to build the crypto investor ecosystem?

Token Metrics Alliance is an open alliance of like-minded companies, and we welcome other members to join whether they are crypto funds, crypto exchanges, incubators, or service providers. If you are interested in joining the Token Metrics Alliance, we encourage you to email with a request for inclusion.

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