At Token Metrics, we believe in economic empowerment for all humanity. We use a unique formula of Crypto analyses and AI to make that happen.

To actualize our primary goal, we foster a dynamic, diverse, and inclusive company culture that prioritizes our employees' career growth.

Our philosophy involves building mutual trust and always treating the Token Metrics team as a family. We believe that this trust enables us to take risks, challenge the status quo, and push our mission forward.

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Achieving economic empowerment and financial freedom is our paramount purpose. The entire Token Metrics team is committed to helping transform lives for the better.

We achieve this by constantly providing our best efforts toward finding the most profitable investments and trades, while simultaneously managing risk. This is the backbone of Token Metrics. We provide our resources in an effort to help individuals build unprecedented wealth and financial freedom.


Our 5 Core Values are the defining pillars of our company’s philosophy—they are both timeless and boundless. The entire Token Metrics team adheres to these values and embodies these beliefs.

Crypto Natives

Crypto is not simply an industry, it’s a lifestyle. That is why our team is composed of ever-curious, obsessive crypto natives. Our relentless passion drives us to pursue growth and stay ahead in this rapidly evolving industry.

We are committed to developing best-in-class content. With the help of our multi-media platform, we simplify the crypto market to help our customers become crypto natives.

Crypto Family

We believe in fostering a loving community founded on clear, compassionate lines of communication and accountability of action. This basic foundation allows our team members to find inspiration in their work!

As our crypto family continues to grow, we strive to make sure that all our customers feel the same level of trust, comfort, and autonomy.


We are the guiding light for crypto-beginners and the right-hand to the seasoned crypto veterans. We want them to know they are at the heart of our mission and are involved in something greater than just a subscription.

We stand with our customers through their entire crypto journey—bull and bear markets alike—by providing the resources and support necessary to achieve their investment goals.


In data we trust! Data insights guide every decision we make.

Internally, data helps us identify key results, set objectives, and capitalize on new business opportunities that better serve our customers.

Externally, data helps to inform and improve our customers’ investment decisions.

Fail Fast and Forward

Failure is a necessary part of growth. We believe that the faster we fail, the faster we will succeed.

We combat complacency by taking risks, disrupting the status quo, and setting audacious goals for ourselves. Improvement, innovation, and creativity are imperative as we strive to build the best future possible.

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We believe that crypto is the future. Through a passionate team of crypto natives, we can provide economic empowerment and financial freedom for all humanity.

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