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Leverage professional analysts, analytics, and artificial intelligence to become a smarter crypto investor.

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What is Token Metrics?

Token Metrics specializes in delivering cryptocurrency investment research to crypto investors using professional analysts, analytics, and artificial intelligence

Token Metrics has a diverse set of customers, from crypto fund managers to passive investors, in more than 35 countries.  

Fundamental Analysis

Daily Crypto Ratings and Rankings

Find Profitable Investments With Ease

The industries most thoroughly tested crytocurrency ratings and reviews

More than 20 million AI models are tested every day using over 74 data points including fundamental analysis, technical analysis, and code reviews.

Real-time Cryptocurrency Ratings Based on Over 20 Million AI Models a Day

Real-Time Automated Technical Analysis

Real-time AI Automated Technical Analysis for Over 100 Cryptocurrencies

Master TA without Being an Expert

Real-time technical analysis indicators and signals for more than 100 cryptocurrencies, stating which cryptos are bullish and bearish, based on historical movements in the token price.  

30-Day Crypto Price Predictions

Predict Trends With Confidence

Back tested 30-day price predictions for more than 100 cryptocurrencies powered by deep machine learning. 

Custom created models for each cryptocurrency giving unique insights into each cryptocurrencies price action movements.

30-Day Cryptocurrency Price Predictions Using Machine Learning

How Does Token Metrics Work?

Human Capital

Professional Analysts

We take the professional investment analysts, developers, and traders from firms like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, and IBM and create systems for evaluating cryptocurrencies.

Data and Analytics


We analyze over 74 data points per cryptocurrency from diverse sources and create wholistic evaluations on the long-term and short-term profitability of a particular cryptocurrency.

Quants Making Money

Artificial Intelligence

Millions of deep learning neural networks compete against each other every day, creating thoroughly tested crypto ratings that lead to profits.

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Token Metrics Makes Crypto Investing Easier

Invest like a pro, with the help of our professional investment analysts, developers, traders, and software.