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TMTV is a network featuring daily videos from our leading team of crypto investment specialists. The lineup includes daily market updates, price predictions, hidden gem investment ideas, technology deep dives, interviews with crypto movers and shakers, and much more. Additionally, the network includes our livestreams and also tutorials on Token Metrics.


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Monday - Friday | Live 12pm EST 


Bill Noble

Senior Market Analyst


The Live Market Update provides insights and price predictions for cryptos big and small. If you want to know what's going to happen next, tune in to hear it from Bill.


Tuesday | 6pm EST/10pm UTC


Jacob Koch-Gallup & Chase Allred

Market Analysts


Market analysts Jacob and Chase cover emerging NFT projects with hidden potential.


Thursday | 6pm EST/10pm UTC


Micheal Hilton

Investment Analyst


Micheal translates our in-depth analysis on hundreds of projects into investing wisdom on a weekly basis.





Friday | 6pm EST/10pm UTC


Mehdi Farooq

Senior Investment Analyst


In this show, Mehdi conducts an in-depth analysis of altcoin, which has 10X potential or more. He does a deep dive on projects valuation, token economics, industry trends, competition, risks and also shares his investment thesis. Get a front-row seat to see altcoin deep dive in action and take your investment returns to the moon.

crypto roundup

Saturday | 6pm EST/10pm UTC 


Daniel Elfving



The crypto news cycle moves at lighting speed, so don’t get left behind! Tune in to Crypto Roundup to watch Daniel sort signal from noise.




Released Intermittently


Mehdi Farooq

Senior Investment Analyst


This show features in-depth technology reviews with prominent figures in the cryptocurrency and blockchain spaces. Get a front row seat to one-on-one talks with exceptional people working on big ideas.


Released Intermittently


Ian Balina
Founder and CEO of Token Metrics


Tune in to Token Metrics founder and CEO Ian Balina as he shares his best crypto investing strategies — you too can take your portfolio to the moon and beyond. 


Released Intermittently


Women in Crypto


This special interview series showcases some of the most influential women in Crypto. These women are inspiring others to take more active roles in the blockchain revolution. They stand up and stand out as champions in an industry that is still heavily male-dominated, and where less than 5% of crypto entrepreneurs are female and twice as many men as women are investing in cryptocurrency. See what these superstars are doing to change the industry for the better!

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