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Token Metrics is an industry-leading cryptocurrency data, research, and ratings company.  By blending the expertise of our investment team, data scientists, and engineers, we have built a best-in-class AI powered software platform, that delivers institutional-grade analysis on the universe of traded crypto assets.  The platform is complemented by insights and thought leadership from our renowned Investment Analysts and Crypto Researchers.



We take the best investment analysts, developers, and traders from companies like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, and IBM to create the Token Metrics systems for evaluating cryptocurrencies.




We analyze over 70 data points collected from diverse sources on each of the 6K cryptocurrencies in our database. We then create objective data-driven evaluations on the long-term and short-term profitability of each cryptocurrency.



We test millions of prediction models against each other, creating thoroughly tested crypto ratings that lead to profits.






Plan Features

With a Token Metrics account, crypto investors can access real-time data including curated research and insights to help them create winning portfolios.


Cryptocurrency indices for all investment and trading styles built using artificial intelligence.

Token Metrics customers can follow over 30 indices customized for crypto exchanges and a variety of rebalancing periods. This allows you to compare how they perform versus bitcoin and the market.


  • Exchange Indices: All, Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, Uniswap, and Kucoin. 
  • Time horizon: Annual, Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly, and Daily.


We have tested more than 20 million AI models using over 70 quantitative data points, to provide investors with the industry's most thoroughly tested crypto-asset ratings and reviews. These daily insights make building profitable crypto portfolios easy.


Additionally, the in-depth ratings, analysis, and code reviews for cryptocurrencies by market cap, will help you know which ones are scams and which ones have the potential for huge profits.


Leveraging machine learning, our proprietary Visual Trends Indicator creates signals for more than 6K crypto assets, indicating which are bullish or bearish. Organized by market cap, customers use this technical data to know exactly when to buy or sell. 


Additionally, the in-depth ratings, analysis, and code reviews for cryptocurrencies by market cap, will help you know which ones are scams and which ones have the potential for huge profits.


Powered by machine learning, we provide rolling daily price predictions on 6K+ crypto currencies. 


Additionally, for full transparency, we will share just how accurate our models have been over the last twelve months.


Get 24/7 access to exclusive crypto news and analysis presented by our leading team of investment specialists. Our lineup features daily market updates, price predictions, hidden gem investment ideas, technology deep dives, interviews with crypto movers and shakers, and much more.

Choose your Plan




$19/mo | $199/yr

  • Crypto Research & Ratings

    Data, Proprietary Ratings, and Trading Signals powered by Artificial Intelligence, on the universe of traded crypto assets.

  • Portfolio Tracking

    Build, track and analyze crypto portfolios.

  • Thought Leadership
    • Receive Token Metrics Weekly Insight, a weekly publication on markets and token research.

    Optional Add-ons:

    • Daily Insights: $20/mo | $240/yr
    • TMTV:
      $5/mo | $60/yr
    • TVTV+:
      $10/mo | $120/yr

  • Community

    Entry to the interactive, exclusive Basic Telegram Group. In this group, engage with other crypto enthusiasts and our Token Metrics crypto experts.

  • Customer Success Webinars

    Weekly interactive training on how to leverage Token Metrics to ensure your greatest success utilizing the platform.




$99/mo | $999/yr

  • Everything in Basic,

  • Crypto Research & Analytics
    • Technical Analysis (Visual Trend Indicators, Profit & Loss, Resistance & Support Levels)
    • Price Predictions and Scenario Analysis
    • Automated Summaries (Fundamentals, Technology Analysis, Performance Metrics)

  • Portfolio Tracking

    Automatically add to your personal portfolios from your exchange and/or wallet. Additionally, ability to sync with your existing exchange and/or wallet in order to track your portfolio activity in real time.

  • Model Portfolios

    View sample portfolios in different time horizons, built using 5 different exchanges.

  • Thought Leadership
    • Token Metrics Insights: A daily crypto research and news publication
    • Email alerts on important news
    • TMTV+

  • Community

    Receive access to the Advanced Telegram Group and connect with digital asset gurus and our team of Token Metrics Crypto experts.



$299/mo | $2,999/yr

  • Everything in Advanced, plus...

  • Crypto Research & Analytics
    • Correlation
    • Sentiment Analysis
    • Onchain (ETH, Bitcoin, Stable Coin)

  • Thought Leadership
    • Weekly Private Premium Webinar
    • SMS/Telegram Alerts

  • Community

    Access to the Private Network, an exclusive Telegram Group where Premium clients can engage with other crypto afficinados, and the Token Metrics Executive Leadership team, and our Crypto Researchers and Analysts.



$749/mo | $7,499/yr

  • Everything in Premium, plus...

  • Community
    Join the VIP Telegram Network to engage with crypto investing market leaders and to enjoy exclusive access to:

    Gain entry to the VIP Telegram Group, which provides more intimate access to other crypto investing market leaders, Ian Balina (Token Metrics Founder and CEO), the Token Metrics Executive Leadership team, and Senior Token Metrics Researchers and Analysts.

    Please note: There is a cap to how many customers can join the VIP plan. If interested in this plan please email:

TM Weekly is a free e-newsletter that delivers thought leadership, analysis, and commentary on blockchain technologies, cryptocurrencies, tokens, and crypto investments strategies.  The publication also regularly features special events, product and company news, great offers and community insights.



Our global team has worked at some of the world's most renowned companies.


Ian Balina

Funder and CEO

Saikiran Sagiraju

Chief Operating Officer

Veera Budhi

Chief Technology Officer

Gurraj Sangha

Chief Quantitative Investment Officer


Sam Monac

Chief Culture Officer

Daniela Crompton

Chief Marketing Officer

Bill Noble

Chief Technical Analyst

In the News


Our experts and research are regularly featured in top business publications.


CNBC Interview


Token Metrics CEO, Ian Balina, discusses why Ethereum could outperform Bitcoin in the future.

Understanding the Power of Token Metrics


Bill Noble | Token Metrics

Chief Technical Analyst


Bill explains the crypto investment landscape and how Token Metrics research and data helps you get ahead.

Ben Armstrong | Bitboy Crypto



Bitboy Crypto shares how he uses Token Metrics to pick winning coins for his portfolio.

Ian Balina | Token Metrics

Founder & CEO


Ian answers how to DYOR (do your own research) using Token Metrics to make smarter crypto investment moves.

*Please note, Token Metrics Affiliates, may receive payments/commissions for videos or customer referrals. More information on our affiliate program is available here

Customer Testimonials

Weston Nelson

James Coleman


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I make money using Token Metrics?

    Here is a case study on how Harvey, a Token Metrics customer, used the platform to make money.

    I've been a Token Metrics member since December 2019.

    I was very lucky to have been a follower of Ian Balina for over 2 years so was well aware of his excellent investment track record, open, honest, and transparent values as well as his ability to spot incredible life-changing investment opportunities.

    So when he decided to create Token Metrics, a platform which would use AI and machine learning techniques to predict short and long term price movements in cryptocurrencies, it was a no brainer for me to become a member of the platform.

    I also have a background in data analytics so I could instantly see the value proposition being offered by the platform's data-driven approach to investing that perhaps the average person wouldn't.

    I have already made two very profitable trades this year as a direct result of using the short term metrics on this platform.

    The first came in January when the Token Metrics newsletter predicted that a Monero breakout was imminent resulting in a 50% profit over a 4 week period (more accurately, 35 days).

    And the second, was more recently on April 20th when short term metrics were 'very bullish' on BTC whilst everyone in the industry was either uncertain or bearish.

    The latter trade is now up by more than 10%.

    I couldn't recommend Token Metrics enough to anyone out there, and I would also strongly suggest getting even just the Basic Plan if you can afford it because the benefits provided will be life-changing.

  • Can I upgrade my plan in the future?


    You may sign up for the Basic or Investor plans and upgrade at any time.

    You will be issued a pro-rated refund for unused days on the current plan and then upgraded to the new plan.

  • Can I use Token Metrics if I am a long-term investor?

    Yes. Token Metrics offers ratings and indices in both quarterly and yearly time horizons, perfect for long-term holders.

  • What's an "affiliate"?

    An affiliate is someone who has signed up for the Token Metrics affiliate program in order to receive a 40% commission on each person they refer and convert to a Token Metrics user.

    Affiliates promote their personalized link and/or affiliate code to track the conversions they make. To learn more about this great program and sign up, please click here.

  • Does Token Metrics have a mobile app?

    Not at this time, but we plan to offer that in the future.

  • Is Token Metrics TV included in my plan?

    Yes, a Token Metrics TV subscription is included in all of our plans! (Please note that we are soon moving to a model where new HODLer subscribers will not receive TMTV access.)

  • Does Token Metrics trade for me?

    No, Token Metrics does not trade for you. You have to make your own trade and investment decisions after doing your own research.

  • Will a Token Metrics representative ever ask me to send crypto?

    Token Metrics will never ask you for crypto payment!

    We do not accept it as a payment for any of our subscription products!
    Beware of anyone impersonating Token Metrics asking for your crypto!

  • Can I change the default currency for my portfolio?

    Unfortunately we do not yet support currencies beyond the US dollar right now. This functionality is absolutely part of our development roadmap for delivering the best user experience.

  • How do I submit a token for you to review?

    We are ready and willing to review your potential investments! You can submit tokens for review to our team to review at

  • How do I access Token Metrics TV?

    If you have an account, you have access.

    If you are struggling to access Token Metrics TV after logging into your account, please clear your cookies and cache by pressing "CTRL + H" in your browser, then try signing back into the platform.

    If this does not work you can try clicking on the settings logo, then clicking on "Sign in". From there, you can enter your credentials and hopefully be able to view the videos.

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