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Introducing Token Metrics


We want to introduce you to the cutting-edge crypto analytics platform we spent millions and two years of our life creating.  


Now, those millions didn’t just come out of nowhere. We made it by investing in Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs).  


In fact, we became very well known for it.  


But we became even more well known for giving away our entire investment strategy in a spreadsheet for free.  


You see, we don’t believe access to life-changing investment platforms should be restricted. We believe in changing the status quo. We are also a firm believer in the success of cryptocurrencies.

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That’s why we're opening up Token Metrics, our million dollar cutting-edge crypto investing platform to the first 1,000 subscribers.  


But we’ll get to that in just a minute.  


First, we want to tell you why we dedicated so much time and money into creating this platform.  

So to go back to the story.  


Thanks to the ICO spreadsheet, we were able to find hidden gems like WaBi, ICON, Dragonchain, Power Ledger, Loom Network, PundiX, and more.

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ICON and WaBI made us go viral in the crypto world. Our CEO, Ian Balina's $20,000 investment in ICON turned into more than $2 million in just four months.  


It delivered a 100x return during the December 2017 crypto-mania. But not just that, WaBi also delivered another 100X+ return on investment, and Dragonchain delivered an 80X return on investment.  


Our spreadsheet helped us get three 80x or more returns in the same month, which was unheard of in the crypto world. Overnight, Ian Balina became one of the biggest names in crypto. 


Pretty soon, he was doing regular interviews with Forbes, CNBC, The Today Show, The Telegraph… you name it.


At its peak, one million unique people were using our spreadsheet every month to make better crypto investments, which was fantastic.  


But the system we created wasn’t built to handle millions of users, and eventually, we had to take it down because it couldn’t scale.  


However, after seeing the power of that spreadsheet, we knew what we had to do next.  


We set about creating not just a spreadsheet but building an application that would help people make money.  

Over the last two years, we've poured everything we have into this project.  


And we’ve brought on some of the top names in investing—and more importantly –machine learning, to get it off the ground.  


We wanted to ensure that this is the single best crypto analytics platform available anywhere—at any price.  

But we also wanted to make sure it is accessible to everyone — even those on a very tight budget. 

the state of crypto

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We suspect if you’re here, you’re also a believer in cryptocurrency.

We know there are two types of people in the world, people who want to invest now, and people who want to invest later.


Today people are working multiple jobs because, since 2008, the current financial system is failing people.  


The world’s monetary system is entirely unpredictable.  


China wants to take over blockchain and challenge the US dollar as a reserve currency.  


Fiscal debt has doubled since 2008, while wages have not increased since 2008.  


There’s $250 trillion in worldwide debt, $15 trillion of which is negative yield debt compared to the $200 billion in 2014.

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From the American Federal Reserve bank cutting interest rates twice to Hong Kong entering its first recession in over a decade due to protests, the world’s economies are signaling a possible global recession.


Ray Dalio of Bridgewater, the world’s biggest hedge fund, expresses his concerns that since 2008, the US has printed $15 trillion to buy stocks propping up the equities markets; this made the rich even richer as the top 1% have as much money as the bottom 90% combined.


The legacy financial systems are facing long term challenges that will be hard to fix.


A lot of those systems will crumble, and chaos will ensue.

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When titans fall, newcomers swoop in to replace them.  


And lots of money is made by those who are early in seeing the opportunity.  


We believe that crypto is the future.  


We believe crypto will save people by giving them a free market again.  


Our friend and one of the first people involved in crypto, Charlie Shrem, says all you need is five bitcoin, and you will never have to work again.  


We believe Charlie is right; bitcoin is poised to come out on top after climbing the ladder of chaos happening in the global markets.  


It is incredibly important that you diversify your portfolio and hold some cryptocurrency so in case this scenario plays out you will not lose your wealth.  


In the late 1990s, everyone started investing in internet stocks, and in 2001, the dotcom bubble popped.


People were irrationally exuberant back in that time exactly how they were in 2017 with cryptocurrencies.


After the bubble popped, the real internet companies that had true visions and use cases had tremendous returns.  


For example, if you invested in Amazon in 2002 after the bubble popped, you would have seen your shares go from $5 to $1770 almost 300 times return.  


Or if you invested in Netflix, it went from $0.50 to $290, almost 600 times return. 


We believe the same will happen with crypto.  


Compare that to the non disruptive technology investments if you just invested in the Nasdaq composite after the bubble popped in 2002 it went from $1,100 to $8,500 a mere 7x return and that includes the internet juggernauts.


At Token Metrics, we see an incredible opportunity to use our knowledge in the field to create something that will help our users to invest in these companies that are going to change the future.  


Token Metrics allows you to take advantage of the crypto revolution that is in progress and the AI revolution that is coming. 


The best of both worlds.  


When bitcoin started going from $3K to $14K in 2019, did you have a fear of missing out (FOMO)?  


Did you FOMO into investments at the top of the crypto market in 2017. 


With the Token Metrics platform, you will not have to worry about your emotions dictating how you invest. 


We are here to help you navigate through investing in crypto!  


What we offer is both unique and complete. 


Monetary and fiscal policy is going to force people into all these assets.


We provide a new type and style of investing that mirrors what big Wall Street firms like Vanguard and Goldman Sachs created in the 1970s and 1980s. We like to call this Wall Street 3.0, but for the people.


If you want to profit from crypto and AI, this is the one-stop-shop.  


We have built on top of our previous spreadsheet by adding many different data points that will help value cryptocurrencies.  

How We Learned the Data-Driven Investment Approach That Made Ordinary Crypto Investors Millionaires 

Screen Shot 2021-09-20 at 9.55.28 AM

Now coming back to our spreadsheet, the reason it became so popular was because of our unique approach.  


Unlike many big-name crypto investors, we didn’t start as financial advisers or fund managers.


Ian Balina's background isn’t in finance at all. It’s in computer engineering and software development.


For four years, he worked at IBM as a Technical Sales Engineer and Sales Executive under the IBM Analytics brand.  


His specific expertise was in IBM Watson Analytics, a machine learning analytics platform for business users.

Ian helped educate Fortune 500 customers like Staples, Macy’s, Delta, and EY on how to leverage machine learning in the line of business.  


He even got featured in the Wall Street Journal’s private newsletter, for using IBM Watson Analytics to predict his March Madness college basketball bracket.  


But one of the most significant moments in his analytics career was winning the IBM Hundred Percent Club award on his very first year at the job!  


IBM gives this distinguished award to its best sales executives and technical sales engineers around the world that not only achieved more than 100% sales quota but also helped deliver the most value to IBM’s Fortune 500 clients.  


Ian was one of IBM’s best experts around the world in IBM Watson Analytics, it was the evolution of IBM’s Deep Blue supercomputer that famously beat Garry Kasparov at chess in 1997.  


Something that up until then was considered impossible by many.  


Watson gained much publicity for beating the two best Jeopardy players of all time and winning the show’s $1 million jackpot in 2011.  


After that, “big data” was firmly on the map.


Watson became Watson Analytics. A cloud-based supercomputer that harnessed machine learning to discover patterns and insights in data.  


And that’s what Ian worked on while at IBM.  


This knowledge is what we brought to crypto investing.

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