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  • Crypto Ratings

    Data, Proprietary Ratings, and Trading Signals powered by Artificial Intelligence, on the universe of traded crypto assets.

  • NFT Grades

    Data, Proprietary Grades, Signals and analysis powered by Artificial Intelligence.

  • Portfolio Tracking

    Build, track and analyze crypto portfolios.

  • Thought Leadership
    • Token Metrics Navigator, a weekly publication featuring crypto market insights.
    • TMTV, a network featuring daily videos from our leading team of crypto investment specialists.

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  • Community

    Entry to the interactive, exclusive Basic Telegram Group. In this group, engage with other crypto enthusiasts and our Token Metrics crypto experts.

  • User Coaching

    Weekly interactive webinars to show you how Token Metrics can help you create winning crypto portfolios.







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  • Everything in Basic,

  • Crypto Research & Analytics
    • Technical Analysis (Visual Trend Indicators, Profit & Loss, Resistance & Support Levels)
    • Price Predictions and Scenario Analysis
    • Automated Summaries (Fundamentals, Technology Analysis, Performance Metrics)

  • Portfolio Tracking

    Automatically add to your personal portfolios from your exchange and/or wallet. Additionally, ability to sync with your existing exchange and/or wallet in order to track your portfolio activity in real time.

  • Model Portfolios

    View sample portfolios in different time horizons, built using 5 different exchanges.

  • Thought Leadership
    • Token Metrics Insights: A daily crypto research and news publication
    • Email alerts on important news
    • TMTV+

  • Community

    Receive access to the Advanced Telegram Group and connect with digital asset gurus and our team of Token Metrics Crypto experts.






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  • Everything in Advanced, plus...

  • Crypto Research & Analytics
    • Correlation
    • Sentiment Analysis
    • Onchain (ETH, Bitcoin, Stable Coin)

  • Thought Leadership
    • Token Metrics Insights, a daily crypto research publication
    • Email alerts on important crypto news

  • Community

    Access to the Private Network, an exclusive Telegram Group where Premium clients can engage with other crypto afficinados, and the Token Metrics Executive Leadership team, and our Crypto Researchers and Analysts.






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  • Everything in Premium, plus...

  • Community
    VIP Telegram Group, providing more intimate access to other crypto investing market leaders, Ian Balina (Token Metrics Founder and CEO), the Token Metrics Executive Leadership team, and Senior Token Metrics Researchers and Analysts.

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