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Leadership Team

Ian Balina-1

Ian Balina | Founder & CEO


Ian Balina is a former IBM Watson Analytics evangelist. He has also built million dollar businesses from the ground up. Ian has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and CNBC for his work in crypto, investing, analytics, and entrepreneurship.

“Before Token Metrics came along, retail investors were locked out of high-level tools that hedge funds and institutional wealth managers use every day. We want to democratize powerful quantitative methods and AI technology to unleash financial empowerment for all humanity."


Bill Noble

William Noble | Chief Technical Analyst


Bill held consulting roles at Goldman Sachs, Charles Schwab, and Morgan Stanley, where he provided perspective and analysis on financial markets. He has also been recognized by Charlie Shrem for his ability to apply market knowledge to crypto.


Gurraj Sangha | Chief Quantitative Investment Officer


Gurraj previously served as Head of Data Science, Risk, and Market Intelligence at State Street. He served as Chief Investment Strategist at a $6 billion macro volatility hedge fund; CIO at a quant hedge fund; and as an Investment Analyst at Goldman Sachs.


Sam Monac | Chief Culture Officer


Sam was the first employee at Token Metrics, joining Ian in 2017. He began his career at Liberty Mutual. At Token Metrics, prior to becoming Chief Culture Officer, he has held several different roles including COO, ICO Analyst, Director of Research, and Head of Investor Relations.


Veera Budhi | Chief Technology Officer


Veera has built best-in-class products for Mastercard, AmeriLife, Centria Healthcare, Cummins, UBS, and Citibank. He's been featured in CIO Review and Forbes as a data and analytics expert. His background includes Saggezza, IBM, and Hortonworks.


Saikiran Sagiraju | Chief Operating Officer


Sai brings over 10 years of leadership and quality management experience from Amazon. He played a pivotal role in establishing the Amazon seller business.


Daniela Crompton | Chief Marketing Officer


Daniela has held multiple marketing and sales leadership roles at several major financial services organizations including Citi, Morgan Stanley, Legg Mason and New York Life Investment Management. She has implemented innovative marketing strategies, driving significant asset growth, throughout bull and bear markets.